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Julie Holt began her writing career as a precocious five-year-old, composing ransom notes promising the return of her mother’s car keys in exchange for an extra Twinkie in her Rainbow Brite lunchbox.

Julie honed her writing skills by participating in writing workshops and contests, and her editing skills were sharpened by correcting her closest friends’ grammatical mistakes. Then she had to get some new friends.

A lifelong reader, she developed an appreciation for the emotion and action the perfect words could inspire. Julie has many of her own genius ideas to expound upon, but she learned that she especially loves helping others to communicate their own.

Many years (and Twinkies) later, Julie continues her calling as a wordsmith via freelance writing. She writes a weekly humor column for Home Page Media Group, edits and writes for businesses on an ongoing basis and accepts short and long term freelance jobs.

In her free time, Julie is the ringmaster of her own three-ring circus — her trio of tiny tyrants call her Mama and keep her exhausted, uhh… YOUNG. She means young. Julie also enjoys camping, hiking, running and writing about herself in the third person.