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Low Maintenance Mom

I am fresh off the heels of a terrific Mother’s Day. I don’t know about y’all, but I got exactly what I wanted (a new bathrobe, some ice cube trays and three pieces of unidentifiable handmade art), and I spent quality time with some of the moms I love.

I’ve told you about my Mom Team before, but just in case you haven’t saved and catalogued every word I’ve ever written and stored it in your vault with treasured family heirlooms, I’ll remind you who they are. I still have my grandma, who is young and fun and beautiful; my mom, who can run faster than me and is always thought to be my sister; my stepmom, who has the best smile and plays XBox like a boss; and my mother-in-law, who is the gentlest, most giving person I know. I’m a lucky lady to have all of these women.

I’m telling you about them to explain why I only ate fast food and gas station junk food on Mother’s Day weekend when most of you were being served breakfast in bed or sent out to brunch with your BFFs.

Because we still have so many mamas, we always travel for Mother’s Day, and this year our trip was a quickie because of softball games on Saturday. We loaded up in the van on Saturday afternoon and headed west to see three-fourths of our moms. Everyone had a full weekend, so there were no elaborate family meals planned, just quick food and snack runs between family time.

We got back home to Thompson’s Station at 7:30pm on Sunday. Hubby prepared for me a delightful dinner of Kix cereal, served with ice cold milk. Did y’all get that? I got ice cube trays and ate cereal for Mother’s Day. And I couldn’t be happier.

I know I live in the land of folks with the means to give elaborate and expensive gifts and experiences for such occasions, and I have certainly had fancier gifts and outings, but as a general rule, I’m a low maintenance lady.

Hubby inherited a very generous and creative gift-giving ability from his mom, and he has set the bar high in the thoughtful gift arena. He’s had a difficult time of it because the standard gifts of shoes, jewelry and purses are not my things. I don’t wear jewelry, I carry the same purse for years at a time, and aside from running shoes, I buy maybe two pairs of shoes a year. Hubby has to really think outside the box when it is time to get me a gift.

For a recent birthday, he sent me on a scavenger hunt around town for all the silly small gifts I asked for — it was one of the most fun birthdays I’ve ever had! Last Mother’s Day, he gave me a day and night off and arranged for me to stay ALL BY MYSELF in a cabin on the river so I could finish a big writing project in a peaceful, quiet setting.

I let y’all know what a hippie I am last week, and this week I am confirming it. I love all of you jewelry-wearing, shoe-shopping, resort-staying, mimosa-brunch-eating Williamson Countians. You are incredible and deserve all the loveliest pretty things you received and did for Mother’s Day! I hope it was amazing.

I’m just over here eating Taco Bell and Pizza Hut with the four best moms on the planet, trying on my new bathrobe and running around with the kids and dogs on the farm and being crazy thankful for all of it.

Overheard at the salon: “I’m just gonna clinch my butt cheeks and hope for the best.”