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New and Exciting

I hope y’all will forgive me for not remembering what I’ve told you lately. And for being too lazy to look back at my past few columns to fact check.

I think I mentioned that I’ve left the hair salon world and I’ll be working from home writing and magazine editing. I’ll be much closer to my kids and get all those Thompson’s Station-to-Brentwood commute hours back.

It’s been about a month now, and it’s going great so far. It took a little while to settle in since I was traveling to see my Dad those first few weeks, and then I had a week off right in the middle. BUT, I think we’re back to status quo in the schedule department.

I gotta tell you, this working from home gig is WHERE. IT’S. AT. Let me tell you all the glorious amenities my new workplace offers:

  • Corner office with windows and a private porch
  • Unlimited coffee bar
  • Snacks
  • No dress code
  • Access to temperature control
  • Flexible schedule
  • Lazy but adorable four-legged coworker
Gratuitous adorable dog photo.

If you’ve worked in an office for any amount of time, you know this is a premium package. But, with these privileges come some challenging requirements as well.

Back when I worked at the salon, I had many good reasons not to cook or do housework during the week. Picking up or ordering dinner was always OK, because traffic meant getting home after 6 p.m.

Most of the laundry had to wait for off days, and the longer it sat around in baskets, the more likely someone would get tired of looking at it and take care of it. In fact, working from home changes the whole home responsbility game for our family.

My kids know I’m home, so they ask me to do all kinds of unsavory things, like volunteer in their classrooms. And eat lunch with them in the cafeteria, the horror. They all seem to expect their clothes to be clean and dishes to be done, groceries to be bought, lunches to be packed and plans to be made. I mean, what am I, their keeper? Oh. Right. Yes I am.

So having more time to do those things, plus less time leaving kids in after-school childcare (extortion, in case you haven’t been keeping up with SACC doubling their rates this year, but that’s another rant for another time) was the whole point of my job change. Because seriously, what sane person changes their career at this age?

The new household responsibilities aside, I’m really digging this arrangement. But guess what, pretty much as soon as I hit my stride and think I’m living the dream, school will be out for summer! I have three more weeks of actually accomplishing work without having to break up fights and listen to complaints about being bored all day.

In preparation for my kids being home with me most days of the week, I’m doing some serious planning and scheming for our daily rules and routines. How do y’all think I can keep them occupied for a couple hours every morning so I can get stuff done? Make them do all the chores? Lock them in their rooms? I’ve been doing so good on limiting their screen time that I don’t want to park them in front of devices all day.

Maybe like a pay-for-play situation? Fold a couple loads of clothes, play nice with your siblings and you can earn screen time. Or maybe they can choose their currency. You can be paid in either screen time OR U.S. dollars? I’m liking this already.

You moms who are at home full time need to send me all your genius ideas for surviving the summer with kids at home. With your sanity intact. I have very little to spare, so I need the scoop.

*Overheard at the salon: I’m just doing this volunteer animal shelter gig to meet cute guys who love dogs.

*Do not fear, readers. Even though I’m not working in the salon, I still go there to get my hair done AND still have multiple spies sending the best tidbits my way.